Scheduled Posting, When to post and why?

I have been looking recently into when it is best to publish posts to get the best traction and as always there is no one size fits all, in this world of social media, especially for advertisers. 

There has been some interesting statistics noted in the most recent social media report from Sensis, who surveyed a group of people in Australia regarding their social media habits. the two most frequently used times for social media were in the evening, and first thing in the morning. Now what does this mean for advertisers? Well it shows you when you need to be scheduling your posts to come out. 

For the 57% of people who noted they use social media first thing in the morning advertising that they interact with at this time could set up their entire days interactions. If this person is looking for a new car, and the first thing they see the morning of their day off is an advertisement for the brand new model that has just come out at their local dealership for an awesome price, this will trigger someone to learn some more and potentially visit the dealership. If this person is looking for a plumber to fix that tap that dripped all night that kept them awake and they see an ad first thing in the morning for a local plumber there is a greater chance that the consumer will stop putting it off and get the job done! But you don't really want to get up first thing in the morning to post, it is easy enough now days to over come this weather you would like to use the Facebook post scheduling tool or other apps like Buffer or Hootsuite, you can have a program to release the advertising when you want it out there!

Now the big number and that is that 71% of people in this study note they would use their social media at night, is there any point starting up a post a night if you are a 9-5 business? Of course there is! the post 5 o'clock marketing time is perfect for lot's of things including brand awareness, promoting your latest competition or prize draw, this is also a great time to market to people who can buy online, make an appointment online, or a time for people to ask questions of a business. This is the perfect time for businesses like dentists to run a campaign for the person who has had a toothache all day, if you have been in pain all day and see an ad for a local dentist who could take a booking online for the next day how could they say no a couple of clicks and $50 worth of Facebook ad's just brought the dentist a $1000.00 Root canal. Advertising at night can bring some interest out side of business hours, this is ok for the most part people are reasonable, they may send you a message at 10.30 at night, asking for a quote to see how much it would cost to put up a new pool fence but and again some people are crazy but for the most part if you respond by the next morning (The earlier the better) people will tend to be happy with that. 

But what about through the day!? Posting through the day can be useful as well, especially for places like, pubs, clubs and cafe's and anywhere else people might duck out for lunch or after work drinks with 47% of people noting they will check social media on a break. so the perfect time to advertise your lunch time specials of course would be around morning tea time with advertising for after work drink being preferable around lunch time (this gives the lunchroom a chance to discuss where they will end up going!

So all in all when you post is important but is very dependent on what you are trying to promote and how, if you need any further help with any of this please don't hesitate to get in touch and let us help you out!