Do Reviews really make that much of a difference?

Reviews something many business owners fear to see pop up in your notification bar, but no matter if it is one star or five, any review can have a positive effect on your business. 

A one star review!? I can see your eyebrows raised with inquiry now, hear me out, obviously having 100 5 star reviews is going to be great for business however if someone leaves you a poor review online be it Facebook or on a section of your website you can show your customers that you are reasonable and willing to make up for any mistakes that you may have made. For the most part people are reasonable, and if you show that you promptly respond to a customer complaint you give people faith that you are reasonable to deal with after all everyone makes mistakes! Also sometimes people are making unreasonable complaints if you show that you are the reasonable one in the situation it will direct people to have a look at the more positive reviews.

But enough of all that negativity because your business is only going to get five stars right!!

A 5 star review will give your business credibility, if someone is going to spend their hard earned renting a house, buying a new car or getting a new set of pipes installed they want to see that you will be good to deal with! From the start to finish, and it is also a chance to show off how good your after sales service is! Written reviews help you build trust with your audience it, turns you from someone that they are thinking about getting in touch with, to someone they feel they can trust, someone they know they will get a top quality service or product from. 

Written reviews are great... BUT.. you know whats better? Video testimonials! Videos only multiply the trust and humanity that people associate with your business. Customers are more likely to engage with your business after being advised by a peer, some studies show that people are up to 88% more likely to engage with a business that has been recommended by a peer. 

All this info is great right but how do I get customers to leave reviews on google, Facebook, directories and your website. Now it is important to know that it is against consumer law to write reviews for your own business, however offer your customer $10 off to leave you a review, give them 10% off their next purchase it leaves a good taste in a customers mouth and will promote trust and engagement with your brand! 

If you would like to bring your social media up to supersonic speed get in touch today to see how we can help you develop an awesome social media presence for your customers to leave reviews on get in touch today using our contact form or via phone or email!