Learning about your audience to better design your marketing

Ever felt like you were just talking with your friends, or searching for something on google, just to see an ad for that exact thing pop up in your news feed, for example upon recently purchasing a four wheel drive, I have been inundated with Ad's for Four by Four tires, winches and every other accessory that could be bolted on to it. 

As a consumer it isn't so bad to be marketed to in this way as I am being marketed things I am interested in or that could potentially help me. This happens when the person or agency running Advertising campaigns pays close attention to the detailed reporting from the Facebook Ad's manager. The Ad's manager is gold to a marketing nerd like my self! The Ad's manager will show you the age, gender of the people who have seen your ads as well as where they are located to a regional base. Why is this helpful, the more you know about your audience, the better you can target your posting to ensure that you are not wasting money. However there is an additional bonus to knowing your Audience. Knowing your audience will help you to make your Ad's more relevant to your customer. 

Relevance, it is what drives digital marketing, and in a lot of ways makes it most superior to more traditional means of marketing. If you can market to people who are interested in your products not only will you have less waste in your advertising spend, you are more likely to see even better results by the way of conversions from impressions (people seeing your online ads)  to people visiting your page, and better conversions from people who have visited your page in contacts and sales which means more $$ in the bank for you! This isn't the only way being relevant helps, especially on Facebook as Facebook will compare the relevance of your ad, against the relevance of other advertising for particular people, and this along with the amount in your daily budget will determine how many of the right people are seeing your ads. 

You can just throw a boost on your posts target this to your local area and you will see some results, however if you want to see the best bang for your buck you should be looking at your advertising in much deeper detail. If all of this sounds to hard, let us handle it and you can just see the reports, and watch the dollars roll in!