Facebook or a Website: what do I need?

I have a killer Facebook page so I don't really need a website right? Sorry team but it's just not true anymore especially if you are expecting people to spend more the $1000. 

Your Facebook page should be a tool to promote brand awareness, show off your great work whether that be the awesome new dress that you have made, the shop fit out you have just done or the great new retaining wall you have just put in that family's back yard. Facebook is a powerful tool for this as well as letting people know your latest offers, new products and generate interest in what you are doing. 

If people are going to invest in a large project, or make a big purchase they want to know your business, that is when they will click across to your website to get to know your business, see past work, and understand what you are all about. A website really appeals to those people who like to research and really look into a business before making a purchase, however the people who do this sort of research before making a purchase also tend to be more loyal and higher spending customers. 

If you are reading this and are thinking, yeah I would love a website but I just use Facebook because all I have to pay for is my boosts or Social media management,  there are some cheaper alternatives, if you would like to get your website designed you can get away with it for as little as $1199 from Sensis, or if you are looking for cheaper still you can design your own, using a simple template from somewhere like squarespace.com. 

It is important to have both a Facebook page and a website for your business, and they should work hand in hand with one another in order to spread your brand as far and wide as possible! 

If you would like some more information on how to put together your website or how we can help you promote your current website with a strong social media presence get in touch today!