How to ensure your customer remembers you when they need you!

The days of a customer knowing who you are because you replaced a power point in their parents house are gone, so how can you ensure that when a customer is looking to use your services that they keep you front of mind? 

Here at super sonic we know that your customers are looking to have a bit of extra value from the people they go to, in order to get something done. Before you as a business owner have even had the chance to offer a quote, or the customer thinks about going with you for your products and services the modern customer wants you to show them, you know what your talking about, and give them advice and hints. For example if you are an electrician if you place a post up that shows 10 tips to get the most out of your home entertainment system, a customer sees this and then you are front of mind when they go to set up their new shiny cinema room. If for example you are the owner of a pub, and you post an on a Thursday night about how to ensure the best birthday dinner, the person sitting at home planning their birthday has some ideas... including where to go for dinner and drinks before heading on to their next activity! 

Customers these days want you to value add especially through social media, this can be a time consuming process by the time you write up your post, add photos and videos, remember the right time to post, deciding if this is the right post to boost or not. If it all seems like a great idea and the only resource you are lacking is time, get in touch using by phone, or email and we will be happy to take you through how we can make your social media one less thing to worry about!