To boost or not to boost!

Is it worth it to boost your Facebook posts as a business? I would love to be able to say you only need to go one way or the other however it is important to mix it up post boosting is a great way to be able to target new people, who may not be aware of your business, to spread some brand recognition and to target different demographics with relevant content.

However you don't want to just be a 24/7 advertising machine, if people are really going to engage with you business through social media you need to show that you are more then just an advertising factory, you want to add value with organic posts that show you want to help your customer, showing that you get involved in the local community, and also that you can add value to your products and services. For example, a local beauty salon may provide an article or blog post about how to properly care for died blonde hair. This will help customers engage with your business and help keep you top of mind next time a potential customer wants to get their hair died blonde. This is applicable across most industries today, the modern consumer is looking for good customer service, the best price and to have some form of relationship with the person who is providing them a product or service. 

In closing for this short blog post, you should be using a combination of boosted and non boosted posts in your social media advertising plan, and if it all seems like you don't have time to worry about what posts to boost, what not to post and where you can value add for your customers, just get in touch and we will manage it all for you! 

Social Media Management