Using Instagram to become a social media powerhouse

Instagram started as a way to make your friends envious of a tasty lunch or show off your latest holiday snaps, however the game has changed and now business is starting to use Instagram images in order to spark interest in the products or services that they offer. 

One reason to compliment Facebook advertising and your website with Instagram, is for brand awareness, using flashy images that include your business logo or other things that people may recognise from your area such as sign written vehicles, or finished products can help people associate your brand with their local area. This helps keep you front of mind when people need to use your business. For example if Jimmy's Diner uses Instagram advertising over a week to promote their Saturday night dinner specials, and pictures of the delicious food that is on offer, and people are seeing this, when someone asks where should we go out for dinner on Saturday night Jimmy's will be front of mind. 

Instagram is not just great for eye catching brand awareness though, you can use these pictures and their captions to divert traffic to your website. This is done with an advertising campaign with a directed call to action, for the person seeing the advertising. An example of this is a targeted campaign for a day spa that is currently running a promotion for half price massages, the advertising would incorporate a picture of a relaxed person getting a massage, with for example a caption of "Our massage therapists are fully trained and our relaxed environment will have you leaving relaxed and refreshed" with a call to action of "Book Now". If the person observing the advertisement clicks on the image they would be directed to the book now or contact page for the day spa. 

The beauty of online marketing for the advertiser is that you can see exactly where your advertising dollars are going and with easy to understand reporting about who and when your advertising is being clicked, return on investment can be calculated quickly and easily while future advertising campaigns can be adjusted to be more effective in the future.